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Spring-loaded turntable pallet positioner

Turntable Palift—2000 kg capacity

Spring-loaded turntable pallet positioner 2000kg capacity


Load capacity

2000 kg (depending on height of pallet)

Platform size

1100 mm diameter

Maximum height (extended)

709 mm

Minimum height (compressed)

239 mm


Durable fully galvanised

Unit weight

150 kg

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Scissor Lifts Australia: Spring loaded pallet leveller

Resembling a scissor lift table in appearance, Palifts have a top deck and a base connected by a pair of scissor legs. The levelling mechanism is a set of springs and is set to the weight and height of the product. From then on, the levellers work automatically and raise or lower as the weight changes. The load setting is a simple process and for most users, springs never have to be changed. A shock absorber is used to prevent any bounce.

The Palift is one of the best way to reduce workplace injury and save worker's backs. It automatically keeps pallet or stillage loads at an optimum working height when loading or unloading goods. It dramatically reduces the effort required to palletise goods. The proven design is incredibly robust and can last more than 15 years of daily use without maintenance.


  • 2000 kg lift capacity.

  • Fork sockets.

  • Fully galvanized.

  • Supplied with the appropriate springs to suit the length, width and height of product being placed onto it.

  • 3 years warranty.

  • Robust construction.

  • Rugged tubular steel frame.

  • Heavy-duty springs calibrated to bring pallet to most convenient loading and unloading height.

  • Proven linkage design maintains level under uneven loading.

  • Dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowering action, without overshoot or spring bounce.

  • Low-friction bearing supported turntable for near-side loading and unloading.

  • Fork pockets for relocation by fork truck also extend base for free standing stability.

  • Levelling feet (optional) allow use on sloping or uneven floors.

  • Free standing, can be easily relocated by fork truck.


  • Built-in turntable allows simple load rotation and access to all sides.

  • Optional adjustable feet to allow levelling on uneven surfaces.

  • Productivity increased by up to 40%.

  • Improves workforce morale.

  • No power, air or maintenance required.

  • Durable and tough.

  • Fully galvanized and suitable for washdown.

  • Lifetime spring warranty.

Typical applications

  • Manual palletising and depalletising.

  • Factory and warehouse, washdown and harsh environments.

  • Suitable for use with stillages, cages and other containers.

Safetech palift

Additional information

Springs: The weight and height of the pallet is crucial to the Palift working correctly. If your pallet is too heavy and too low, the springs may compress and the unit may not suit your criteria. Speak with our trained technical staff to ensure that our Palift will work for your application.


Optional extras

Description Order code

Palift turntable rotation lock


Mobile base frame.


Mobile dolly handle


Optional adjustable set of four feet for Palift


Palift diagram

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