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Ultra-low hydraulic scissor lift table

Ultra-low profile Lo Lift (no pit required)—1000 kg capacity

Ultra low profile Lo Lift (no pit required). Lift up to 1000 kg


Load capacity

1000 kg

Platform size

1300 x 1300 mm

Height range

40-840 mm

Elevation time

24 seconds

Descent time


Power unit

0.75 kw, 240 volt

Lo Lift powered lift table

With a capacity of 1000 kg and a low height of just 40 mm, the Lo Lift can be used in applications where wheeled access onto the lift deck is essential or with high pallet loads. Users can roll onto the floor and exit out the opposite side after the lift table has been raised or lowered.

Features and options

  • 1000 kg lift capacity.

  • 40 mm compressed platform height.

  • 800 mm travel equates to a maximum light height of 840 mm.

  • Elevation time is 24 seconds (to full height).

  • Descent time is adjustable 1300 mm long x 1300 mm wide platform (standard size, other sizes can be custom manufactured).

  • Lo Lift has 150 mm high x 90 mm wide sides allowing easy operator access to load from sides with cylinders mounted front or rear of the table.

  • Power unit: 0.75 kW, 240 Volt.

  • Wall mount control standard (option of pendant or foot controls).

  • Hydraulics and power exit table on the right hand side approximately 50mm from rear of table.

  • Descent protection: All Lo Lifts include side safety bars mounted to the base and photo eye(s) mounted with access ramp(s).

  • Tables withour rear descent protection are required to be mounted in front of wall, approximately 12 mm clearance. Wall surface to be flat (less than 4mm steps) and smooth.

  • Durable construction in accordance with AS 1250 steel standard.

Typical applications

  • Manual palletising or depalletising.

  • Loading or unloading of stillages, containers, bins, bags, bricks, tiles.

  • For elevating product placed on conveyors, into feeding hoppers, extruders.

  • Maintance of process and production equipment.

  • Roll through allows wheeled entry from the one side of the table and exit at the opposite side.

  • Personnel lifts.

  • Disabled access.

  • Smartlift, a control and safety feature unique to Safetech that offers productivity, safety and maintenance advantages.

  • Smartlift provides an electronic diagnostic system with automatic down indexing and enhanced safety characteristics.

Additional options

  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operator.
  • Photo eye protection across entrance.
  • Choice of deck construction – stainless steel, checker plate and more


  Description Order code

Front loading only Lo Lift


Lo Lift, cylinders 'front' mounted, rear wall, no descent protection.


Lo Lift, cylinders 'rear' mounted, rear wall, no descent protection.


Ground level roll through

Lo Lift, cylinders 'rear' mounted, front and rear ramps.
(This Lo Lift configuration allows front and rear pallet loading and provides front and rear descent protection).


Second level roll through

Lo Lift, cylinders 'rear' mounted, remote up limit, no rear descent protection.
No rear wall for second level roll through. For mounting against dock.


Optional extras
(Push-button wallmount controls supplied as standard)

Push-button wallmount


Hand pendant


Foot pedal


Pedestal mounted control


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